Another purebred Gypsy Cob Filly joins the herd: A huge surprise - we didn't expect a red and white filly from Lilly and Snoopy - and such a striking one at that! Here is the very amazing Luna - who we watched being born and is MASSIVE. These pics are her at a few hours old! Two blue eyes and dark brown eyeliner on both, she is absolutely breathtaking.

New arrival on 15th September 2017 - Stoneybridge Eclipse. A beautiful little filly from Watermark Juju and Mountain Park Southern Cross

Stoneybridge Titan - colt born Nov 2016 from Clononeen Tulip and Mountain Park Southern Cross. Something is going on with the foals this year - he and Jupiter look very similar - with very different dams and neither look like their sire! Titan is also black and white, homozygous for colour with very, very cute ears!

Stoneybridge Jupiter - colt born Oct 2016 from Watermark Juniper and Mountain Park Southern Cross. Black and white with 2 blue eyes and very outgoing personality! Expected to mature around 14hh - 14.1hh.

Stoneybridge Aurora - a filly from Watermark Milly and Mountain Park Southern Cross. Born 18th January 2016 Aurora is going to mature around 15.1hh and is homozygous for colour.

Stoneybridge Eldorado from Watermark Juniper and Watermark Billy Boy! A beautifully marked tri-bay with cute black nose, forelock and tail. Born 25th oct 2015, mature approx 14.2hh. Has a new home as a gelding. Keep an eye out on the show rings for him now!

Jennifer - riding mare! Finally we have a Gypsy Cob who is JUST for riding. Jennifer is approx 14.1hh and 15 years old, built like a tank and like riding a sofa - you just never want to get off! We're thrilled to welcome her to Stoneybridge.

Watermark Blueberry joins the herd in August 2015. Rising 1 year old Blueberry is from Watermark Juniper and Watermark Billy Boy. An absoultely class breeding that has produced the most sweet and pretty filly! Everyone's best friend instantly Blueberry is a delight to have around.

Southern Cross our Stallion went for starting under saddle - and ended up being the star of a photo shoot too! He took to both like he'd done it all before......

Watermark Juniper joins the herd!


We are delighted to welcome our new purebred Gypsy Cob mare Juniper (imp UK) to Stoneybridge. Juniper is in foal to Watermark Billy Boy for a Oct 2015 foal. In this last picture she is re-united with her old friend Milly.who she grew up with.

Billy the Kid - Purebred Gypsy Cob Gelding:

From Clononeen Tulip and Watermark The Billy Boy. We're delighted to welcome StoneyBridge "Billy the Kid"!

Red and white Gelding, mature height approx 13.2hh.

gypsy cob colt
StoneyBridge Snowgum

DNA results for Snowgum have come in - as we expected he is homozygous for colour - meaning he will always produce black and white or red and white foals.

StoneyBridge Thor

Thor at just a few hours old! Born 22nd Nov 2013 to our TB riding mare Bella and Watermark The Whistleblower. Mature approx 16hh.

Gypsy Cob Filly
Introducing StoneyBridge Lilly

Lilly was born in March 2014 from Watermark Lilly and Watermark Billy Boy. Yes - Milly, Billy and Lilly!! Thats what happens when you let the kids name one completely on their own! Lilly will mature approx 14.2hh and will be retained by StoneyBridge.

Gypsy Cob at Unbridled Results
JuJu "at work"

In between their stud jobs the Gypsy cobs (and the others) have started work at Unbridled Results ( as their Equine Assisted learning partners for Team Building and Leadership Development.

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